Aikido Weekend, Makó, 7-9th December, 2018

At the end of the week, we were invited to the Makó
National Aikido Association for the usual year-end course in Hungary where he was also a kyu and dan exam. Congratulations to the examinees here.

The Pierro Sensei Memorial Prize was awarded,
which was received by László Héjja sensei this year.

Here was announced also the title of "Aikodoka of the Year".

Mitsuteru Ueshiba 2019 Hungary

Organized by Aikikai Hungary 14-16th June, 2019.

Online registration and ticket: klikk
Facebook event: klikk 

III. HBSE  Training Camp

Sensei Palotás Zoltán 5. dan
Kisin Aikido Club, Nyíregyháza, 2018. November 17-18.


Nemzeti Aikido Szövetség Magyarország
Year-end Aikido Weekend

December 7-9th 2018. Makó

Márton Imre 6. dan Aikikai
Molnár János 5. dan Aikikai (HBSE)

Yamada Sensei, last week’s seminar in Belgrade. 10.27-28. 2018

At the weekend, HBSE's leadership was also at Yamada Sensei's Belgrade course.


II. HBSE Kyu was a preparatory training in Kinizsi
12th October 2018.

Continuing the old tradition - keeping the HBSE values - we again had a very good common kyu preparatory training at Kinizsi Street Central Dojo. The Aikidokas are preparing for the next exam and assisting them with a good number appeared on Friday evening training. The training was conducted simultaneously in 6 groups for 3 hours under the guidance of the lead instructors.

Next time we will meet in Kisin Dojo in Nyíregyháza on November 17-18th, where we hold the III. kyu preparatory workout.

Mirko Jovandic Day 6. dan Aikikai Shihan seminar

Sansuikai Hungary Representatives of HBSE The National Aikido Association, together with the members of Hungary, participated this weekend at Mirko Jovandic's 6th dan Aikikai Shihan course.

Group picture of yesterday's workout:


1683 Budapest,
Postafiók 53.

Hombu Dojo:
Budapest IX. kerület, Kinizsi u. 1.


Telefon: +36 (30) 383 2882                    

Lead Sensei

Molnár János 5. dan